Meet the Designer: Walker Zanger’s Jared Becker Talks Tile Style


Walker Zanger is a name synonymous with high-design and original tiling. The company makes everything from colorful iridescent glass to intricate metal mosaic to reclaimed wood tiles. We spoke to vice president of design and marketing Jared Becker to learn more about Walker Zanger’s inspiration.

“Because our founder came from Europe we have an especially strong tie with Europe but we also have influences from Morocco, China, and Japan,” Becker said. “We look for inspiration in cultures that have a rich design heritage and make it relevant for today’s design.”

The Southern California-based stone and tile company has been a design leader since its inception in 1952 when its founder Leon Zanger started the company by selling imported marble table tops for the furniture business in New York City.

“At the time, most table tops were made out of glass or wood,” Becker said. “He saw an opportunity to bring something more luxurious and interesting.”

Having lived in Italy and Portugal, Zanger looked to the different types of materials being used there, such as stone and ceramic, and then gradually moved into creating tiles for interior design. Now, Walker Zanger’s list of more than 5,000 products includes materials such as metal, glass, wood, terra cotta, cement, and porcelain, which come in dynamic color palettes and sizes.

“We are always looking for new materials that can be used as tiles,” Becker said. “We are really trying to bring out products that fit under the moniker of classic style and that will be relevant for many years to come.”

Walker Zanger’s products can be found in luxury homes around the globe, as well as in the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, San Diego International Airport, Kapolio Civic Center in Honolulu, and the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth.

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