Flora Grubb Shares Her Summer Must-Haves


Our obsession with SF’s famed Flora Grubb and her eponymously named Flora Grubb Gardens is well documented. So when we recently got the chance to sit down with Flora for our June 2012 issue, we jumped at the chance. Now, she shares her ideas for letting your green flag fly.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Pavement to Parks
“We’ve been involved in this SF program to create pocket parks on even the most crowded urban streets, and now similar parks are popping up all over the state.”

2. The Nature Principle by Richard Louv
“Brilliant thinking on why your connection to nature matters to your personal well-being.”

3. Esther Pots
“Esther Pottery captures the colors of California in the glazes of their gorgeous garden pots.”

4. Thigmotrope Satellite
“Our own invention (in collaboration with Seth Boor), Thigmotrope Satellite is a beautiful mount for creating vertical gardens using tillandsia plants.”

5. Salt Chair from Up Country
“This piece appeals to my romantic side with its retro wicker styling. That it’s made of synthetic wicker and requires no maintence appeals to my practical side.”

6. Epiphytic Plants
“Epiphytes, or air plants, are elegant and effortless. They derive nutrients from the air and thus thrive on vertical surfaces with little or no soil. This summer, we are teaching classes about how to best work with them.”

7. Mount Davidson
“An unexpected urban escape into a cloud forest, this nearly 1,000-foot peak is located west of Diamond Heights.”

8. Urban Hedgerow Project Bug Habitats by Kevin Smith and Lee Benjamin
“Indigenous bugs are a critical part of an ecosystem and ultimately bring birdsong to our cities. Attract bugs with this sculptural insect habitat.”

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