Design Buzz: Suzusan Luminaires


The Murase family has been hand-adorning fabrics using traditional and complex techniques for more than 100 years. Now in the fourth generation, Hiroyuki Murase, the oldest son, has combined his design education with his family’s craft to create Suzusan, haute couture lighting and accessories. The small company based in Arimatsu, Japan specializes in traditional styles and lavish craft work.

The lamps use Shibori, a centuries-old traditional Japanese textile finishing technique that refers to the treatment of fabrics before the dyeing process. Although originally used on silk, wool and plant fibers, Murase created this collection using polyester, a material rarely used in lighting. The polyester is then carefully twisted, wrapped and straightened to create unique shapes in different sizes.

Due to the variety of different Shibori techniques, no two craftsmen have the exact same outcome. With the slight nuances, Suzusan produces extraordinarily unique creations.

Products range in prices and are available online.

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