Opening in SF! Awesome Art to Catch This Weekend


This weekend marks the debut of two of the summer’s most highly-anticipated art shows hitting the scene. Plus, if you’re looking for an exhibit with more scenic views, we’ve got a pick for you.

Ready for Her Close-Up
SOMA For more than 30 years, Cindy Sherman’s photographs have amused and disturbed audiences while earning her international acclaim. In the first major US retrospective of her work in nearly 15 years, “Cindy Sherman” at SFMOMA brings together in excess of 150 photographs spanning her career, such as Untitled #458 (pictured). “Her work is so relevant to today’s image-saturated culture,” says Erin O’Toole, assistant curator of photography at SFMOMA. “It calls attention to things we tend to see as normal, like fashion, makeup and plastic surgery”; July 14–Oct. 8, 151 Third St., SF,

Courtesy of Man Ray Trust

The Midas Kiss
One of the art world’s most notorious relationships lasted only three years (1929 to 1932), but produced everlasting results. “Man Ray | Lee Miller: Partners in Surrealism” at the Legion of Honor consists of photographs and sculptures, such as Ray’s Untitled (Gold Lips) (above), that highlight the interactions between these two giants of surrealism; July 14–Oct. 14, 100 34th Ave., SF,

Courtesy of Doug Hall

The Bridge Club
Celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge with “International Orange,” an exhibit featuring site-specific installations at the historic Fort Point building nestled at the bridge’s southern base. Discover a two-screen, high-definition video by San Francisco artist Doug Hall, which projects panoramic footage of container ships passing beneath the span (still from Chrysopylae, above); through Oct. 28, Fort Point, SF,

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