3 Buzzworthy Art Events in Santa Barbara


When you think of Santa Barbara what are the first few thoughts that come to mind? Expansive beaches? Alluring Spanish-style homes? How about exciting art events? Get ready because there are three awesome art events that are about to commence in this sunny town. 

Interventions: Brian Bress at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Brian Bress is bringing his witty and humorous art to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art this month for his first solo exhibit on this side of town. His exhibit will surround his latest video art installations that feature five remarkable portraits with subtle movements. Encased in frames, his portraits will be displayed on flat-screen monitors and strategically placed throughout the museum. Thought provoking, amusing and cerebral, Bress’ work is sure to make an impact. July 15 through September 30; 1130 State St., Santa Barbara


Michele Janee

Image courtesy of Michele Janeé

Lizabeth Madal and Michele Janee at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum
Supporting local talent is imperative in the art community. Resident artists, Lizabeth Madal and Michele Janeé will have their works of art on display at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum this month for the whole town to enjoy. While Madal’s art celebrates the beauty of SB’s Channel Islands, Janeé uses media prints that have a slightly reflective appearance to them that compels you to take a second look. The museum will have a fun filled reception opening night and it will be free to whoever wants to join! July 26 through November 4; 113 Harbor Way, Santa Barbara


Lizabeth Madal

Image courtesy of Lizabeth Madal

From Dusk ’til Drawn: 24-Hour Drawing Rally at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum
What if you could have witnessed Vincent van Gogh create his infamous Starry Night? Or stood behind Leonardo da Vinci as he filled his canvas with Mona Lisa’s barely-there smile? The Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum is happy to present a 24-hour drawing rally that will consist of more than 80 professional and amateur artists creating one-of-a-kind works of art for the public to gaze at and ultimately take home. For a small fee ($5) you too participate but if you’d rather watch that’s ok too. Starting at 5:30 p.m. on July 20; 653 Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara

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