Check Out This Brilliant Pop-Up Store in Venice


Playful modernism perfectly describes the latest Venice pop-up, Ilan Dei Store. Stemming from a design studio with the same name, this new addition to the über-hip Abbot Kinney corridor is without a doubt one of the most inimitable furniture shops out there. 

The brand is known for creating brilliantly modern spaces and has two collections that reflect that aesthetic. Their Namibia collection is comprised of gorgeous wood pieces, ranging from side tables to credenzas to coffee tables. Each piece contains elements that reflect the movement of water and sand. The Cord collection is more grounded, featuring vinyl seating with an ergonomic design focus. Having a storefront that displays all of these one-of-kind pieces of furniture was only the next step for the Ilan Dei team. 

With three colossal storage containers, an open space and an ambitious idea, the pop up store was built from the ground up. Inside each container is an individual area that is dedicated to serve a particular function.The main container greets Abbot Kinney and serves as a showroom that will no doubt pull people in off the streets. It has been transformed from a mundane vessel to a glass-plated showroom full of essential pieces from the brand’s Namibia and Cord collection. Inside, past, present and future clients are encouraged to enter the room and adjust it according to their own aesthetic, demonstrating the versatility of each Ilan Dei product. 

The final container was morphed into a sleek studio in which a single designer will have their work on display. Floor-to-ceiling wood covers two of three three walls while the other is painted a bright pink. The final container serves as the store’s multipurpose room perfect for one of their creative classes or a small gathering for clients and friends. 

This awesome shop pops up August 1st, so if you have plans of heading to the Venice area, make sure you check it out!

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