Casey Lane’s The Parish Opens Tonight in LA


If you’re not in London for the Olympics, well, we’re not either. But! This weekend you can get a taste of London a bit closer to home at Executive Chef Casey Lane’s much-anticipated new restaurant The Parish.

A follow-up to the Westside’s The Tasting Kitchen, The Parish is an English gastropub-inspired restaurant and bar with a menu chock-full of dishes for the more adventurous eaters (Fried Frog Legs or Bone Marrow, anyone?) but also for those who just want sausages and beer (Stout Grilled Sausages with Pickled Cherries and a craft, limited-release beer, that is). And lucky for LA, The Parish makes its debut tonight along the Gallery Row in downtown Los Angeles’ Fashion District.

With Venice-based design firm Bishop Pass, the restaurant co-owners Mark Meyuhas and Bruce Horwitz, have created an atmosphere that captures the ambiance of old LA. Housed in a two-level flatiron building on the corner of Spring Street and Main Street, The Parish features reclaimed Douglas Fir wood floors, vintage mirrors over antique glass windows, and iron sconces and furniture reminiscent of the 1930s, all of which contribute to a distinctive hybrid architectural style. “We wanted to create a space with a retro pub-like feel that is quintessentially characteristic of LA,” Meyuhas says. “…An environment where vintage décor evokes nostalgia for the past but also seamlessly co-exists and frames Casey’s modern culinary aesthetic.” Yes, please.

At the street level, large floor-to-ceiling windows give diners a generous view of the neighborhood and vice versa. The restaurant’s open kitchen and stylized counters, along with shades of white in the décor, add to its casual and warm vibe. The second floor, surrounded on three sides by windows and a backdrop of the buildings on Broadway, is more formal. It offers a centralized lounge and bar that features wood panels in the dark oxford red characteristic of the classic early twentieth century Los Angeles streetcar. A second-floor terrace, stair risers and a stucco fireplace all feature decorative Spanish tile.

Did we mention Lane uses an imported wood-fire grill from Tuscany? According to Lane, the menu aims to lay the groundwork for guests to appreciate the gastropub as it was meant to be enjoyed: with good food, drink, and conversation. “The pub is traditionally a communal meeting ground, and at the end of the day, I hope guests will come away from The Parish having had a very lively and fulfilling experience,” he says.

Well, what are you waiting for?

The Parish, 840 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles

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