Made in CA: Hand-Me-Down


The concept behind San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum’s latest exhibition, “Do Not Destroy: Trees, Art, and Jewish Thought,” was inspired by a commandment in the Torah that forbids the wanton destruction of trees.

Working from this dictate of environmental protection, more than 50 artists from across the United States were invited to create works of art from reclaimed wood. Bay Area artist Deborah Lozier’s Hand-me-down features sticks that she collected on an island in the Oslofjord, that, to her, resemble unfinished wooden utensils. By adding vintage Norwegian silver to the wood, Lozier created a whole new take on Earth-friendly flatware.

“Do Not Destroy: Trees, Art, and Jewish Thought” at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, through September 9; 736 Mission Street, San Francisco

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