Last Chance! See Alejandro Cartagena Photos at LA’s Kopeikin Gallery


At Culver City’s Kopeikin Gallery, Alejandro Cartagena’s bright photographs of new suburban developments in northern Mexico confront the postwar American dream head on. His images of tight, economical rows of cubes highlight a cold industrial society characterized by little, private corners of the earth. Cartagena presents homes in neat rows, differentiated only by their cheerful colors or the framing of their windows, essentially showing raw suburbia stripped of the details that disguise more upscale U.S. developments. Cartagena’s lovely images provide for a thought-provoking gallery visit. 



Cartagena also curated a second Kopeikin Gallery show which is also up through August 25th. This show likewise focuses on urban sprawl and everyday life in Mexico and features whimsical portraits by photographers Omar Gamez, Kenia Narez, and Claudia Hans, among others. “Looking At Mexico” was beautifully curated and the images, while thoroughly diverse, seem to fit seamlessly together.


Through August 25th at Kopeiking Gallery, 2766 S. La Cienega Blvd., Culver City,

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