Design Buzz: Marco Stefanelli’s Brecce Collection


Italian designer Marco Stefanelli’s most recent Brecce Collection includes beautiful reclaimed logs and cement blocks with slivers of light coming through. The collection, which was debuted earlier this year at the Milan Furniture Fair, mixes technology with craft, resulting in pieces that are literally timeless. Stefanelli takes objects that have reached the end of their life cycle, such as scrapwood from a sawmill, and given them a second chance, by combining them with cast resin embedded with LEDs.

Stefanelli creates his Brecce lamps by cutting a sliver of the log out, then making a silicone cast of the removed piece and then placing the light within the casted silicone. The lamps are assembled with screws or by locking the parts together and are finished with natural wax or with linseed oil. They vary in sizes, some small enough to be placed on a bookshelf and some large and sturdy enough to use as stools.


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