Meet the Designers: Azadeh Shladvosky on the Small Space Big Style Showhouse


Azadeh Shladvosky was tasked with designing the Small Space Big Style’s kitchen and a bathroom. The designer explains the challenges with working in a small kitchen, and how she utilized the condo’s unique features to work in her favor. 

Why did you choose the kitchen to design?

I was attracted to the notion of creating a permanent change that would allow the architecture to have a voice in the interiors.

What are the special challenges that exist when designing a small kitchen?

The two most important challenges when designing any kitchen are creating functional task areas and providing efficient storage without compromising the aesthetic story of the home. Of course, in smaller kitchens these requirements become that much more challenging to meet.

What are the things you did here to make the space work well?

The 16-foot ceiling was a gift that hadn’t been used to the best advantage. I redesigned the cabinetry and layout to maximize both the visual and functional volume of the room.

Tell us about the materials you used?

The objective was to make a powerful gesture with a clean design that didn’t feel sterile or industrial. The cabinetry is walnut with a horizontal grain, the backsplash and counters
are pure white Caesarstone, and the sink wall is covered counter to ceiling in a white porcelain. The tile blends in with the counter while also reflecting light to create an open, airy feeling. Everything in the space is designed to allow the materials to take center stage.

Is a small kitchen more desirable than a large kitchen?

Ultimately space planning and good design are what make a space desirable, whether it’s very large or very small.

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