Inside Williams Selyem’s Incredible New Winery


Williams Selyem’s new winery is making as big of an impact on Sonoma County as its award-winning wine.

The stunning addition to the Healdsburg countryside was designed by the architects at D.Arc Group and completed in 2010.

“The main challenge for us was creating a modern building that was still based in the traditional values of Sonoma,” says Alex Ceppi of D.Arc Group.

The space accomplishes this balance by juxtaposing its sleek glass and metal structures with recycled materials that speak to the history and process of winemaking. The stone used in the building is sourced straight from the surrounding vineyard, and walls, ceilings and doors are made from the redwood of old barrels, filling the space with the lingering scent of wine.

“We wanted the winery to be more than just a building,” says Ceppi. “It enhances the experience of the site and celebrates the process of winemaking and the landscape.”

Like the winery’s world class Pinot Noir, the new space is only available to members of the exclusive Williams Selyems list. The waiting period for one of the covetable membership spots is around one year, but the access to fine wine and great architecture at the new winery make it, like a well-aged bottle, worth the wait.

Williams Selyem Winery, 7227 Westside Road, Healdsburg

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