Dining Design Diary: The Thomas and Fagiani’s Bar in Downtown Napa


After walking through the empty shell of The Thomas and Fagiani’s Bar at The Thomas in Napa with AvroKO partner Adam Farmerie in July and returning after opening, what’s notable about the transformed space is that it feels so authentic to its collective past.  And that is part of the design ethos of AvroKO, the integrated design and hospitality firm responsible for some of the most stylish restaurants and lounges in Manhattan, Hong Kong and locally at RN74 in San Francisco. 

Its owned and operated, “self-propelled” restaurants are NYC-based Saxon + Parole and the Michelin star Public which won two James Beard awards in 2004 for Best Restaurant Design and Best Restaurant Graphics, and now The Thomas and Fagiani’s Bar.

Farmerie said “they love to bring history to their projects…to take something old and make them new again.”  The historical narrative inspires the use of period design elements to breathe life and authenticity to a space, but their application is fresh and modern. 

It was The Thomas’ former life as a restaurant and boarding house in the early 20th century and then as a popular mid-century cocktail lounge run by the colorful Nick Fagiani that appealed to the partners when they visited the site last summer with building owner Steve Hasty.  They fell in love with the history and the idea of reviving the spirit of the brands.  The result is a space that weaves a historical thread of simple, honest hospitality, updated with vibrant wine country flavors and oh-so swanky sips.  

The Thomas and Fagiani’s Bar, 813 Main St., Napa, #707.226.7821


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