Rubinet Faucet Company at Snyder Diamond


The Rubinet Faucet Company and Snyder Diamond have been partnering for over 30 years to bring quality and innovative design to their clients. Snyder Diamond is known for its commitment to break new ground in design and bringing it to the Los Angeles community. In fact, it was the first LA-based retailer to introduce the ground-breaking faucets and very contemporary designs of Rubinet to its clientele.

As one of the sponsors of California Home+Design’s premier Showcase house, Small Space, Big Style, Snyder Diamond donated bath and kitchen fixtures including pieces from one of Rubinet’s latest lines, the R10 Series. These bold, modern fixtures in primary red were expressly chosen by designer Erinn Valencich to outfit her master bathroom. The red faucets have been a big hit at the Showcase house and are fully serving the mission of California Home+Design to transform the penthouse into a breathtaking space that embodies their vision about design and how we live today.

The crisp clean curvatures of the R 10 series that form every spout, handle, shower head and accessory, feature a textured insert for a unique touch of sophistication. Forged from solid brass, each Rubinet faucet is finished using the latest innovative technology, hand-polished and comes with a lifetime warranty. The full line of Rubinet is available at Snyder Diamond’s three showrooms in Santa Monica, Pasadena and North Hollywood.

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