Design Daily: Zak+Fox Textiles


What’s not to like about a line named after a boy and his dog? Inspired by the idea of traveling with “fox,” his pet Shiba Inu, Shinji, New York designer Zak Profera launched his debut collection of textiles in May.


If cloth could talk, the Zak+Fox fabric would tell tales of a vagabond life through space and time. Profera, a graduate of San Francisco Art Institute, excerpts minimalist motifs from Moorish tile, cuneiform writing, Japanese textile and Indian Matahari trade cloth—to name a few—for his cosmopolitan creations. Printing on Belgian linen seems to lighten the impact of the ancient shapes, however. The prints would balance both traditional- and bohemian-style homes. 



From left: Matsu in Ink, Postage in Ink and Takigawa in Ink. Photo courtesy of Zak+Fox

The ten patterns in his current lineup come in rich organic colors such as rust, smoke and patina. The neutral colorways looks vintage, but because Profera varies the spacing in his designs by stretching and compressing the pattern, the treatment feels fresh.


Retail pricing for the linen fabrics starts at $143 per yard. This winter, Zak+Fox adds a collection of stonewashed linen, but in the meantime, fans can find the textiles at Harbinger in Los Angeles and Holland & Sherry in San Francisco. 

Photo courtesy of Zak+Fox

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