Design Daily: Eclectic by Tom Dixon


My first reaction to Eclectic, a new accessories brand from British designer Tom Dixon, was a magpie-like thrill at the polished gleam of the items. Eclectic recreates quotidian objects—an English brogue, a jack, the shape of a factory building—in heavyweight materials such as marble, brass, nickel and cast iron.

Eclectic by Tom Dixon includes hammered copper dishes among other decorative and everyday items.

The collection straddles the line between semiprecious and industrial charm (and the charm is undeniable). My favorite is the Cast Factory Moneybox, an Industrial Revolution-style British factory reimagined as a piggy bank. Drop coins through concealed slots in the cast-iron rooftop. At 8.5- by 6-inches, the bank is a perfect gift for the penny-pinching hipster in your life.

Eclectic by Tom Dixon Cast Factory Moneybox, $135.

I’m also a fan of the Cast Shoes in copper and aluminum with a black powder coating, even if I’m not sure quite how to put them to use in my home. But like much of the collection, the appeal is in the ornament of the item. For example, the scent of the candles is secondary to the glittery sheen of the metal votives. As soon as I’ve burned down the  “London,” a red brick- and crocus-inspired scent that conjures the atmosphere of a city park, I’ll press the copper vessel into service for cocktails.

Cast-metal brogues in black powder-coated aluminum, $135, and copper, $195.

Eclectic has barely made it to local showrooms. Find a few items (and order the rest) at Twentieth in Los Angeles, but be prepared to wait for shipping. 

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