Design daily: Blik’s Transforming Wall Decals


Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. The faint pattern that haunts this vivid green decal is one of three superimposed graphics that make up the new Carnovsky X Blik Rosoni wall designs, which change under green, blue and red light to reveal different surface images.


Rosone N. 2, Reptilian, is a psychedelic mashup in normal light.

In white light, the rainbow design swirls around a central iris. The fun starts when the lights go down (but isn’t that always the case?). Flick on a blue bulb to reveal a world of dancing fauna. The pattern mutates under red light to reveal insects and snakes, and green light uncovers graceful flowers and plants.

Under blue light, dancing mammals animate the graphic.

The RGB graphics are a natural fit for Blik­—the Venice-based firm has reimagined Nintendo graphics and Charles and Ray Eames designs in past projects. I was a huge fan of the PAC–MAN decals they launched in 2011. The Rosoni collection originated with Milan-based Carnovsky, a design partnership between Francesco Rugi and Sylvia Quintanilla, which has experimented with spectrum wallpaper for a couple of years. For this collection, they created four combinations of images. Each decal, $89, is 4 feet across and comes with three sets of RGB glasses so you can view the separate images without changing your light.

A reptilian world is revealed under red lighting.

My advice is to not restrain this to your wall. Try one as a pop–art ceiling medallion around a pendant light.

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