Design Daily: Eva Zeisel Wall Art for Room & Board


Last week I got a chance to preview a huge selection of new accessories at Room & Board, and was captivated by the stunning silkscreens that Eva Zeisel created with design house KleinReid, in one of the last collaborations she completed before her death. 


Zeisel (1906–2011) was a famed ceramicist from Hungary, and the fluid elegance of her creations brought good design to rest on many an American table after she emigrated here in the 1930s. What was unique and lovely about Zeisel was her emphasis on function. Nesting salt-and-pepper shakers, modular vases and simple table settings—not ornate, as was the style in the ’30s and ‘40s—were hallmarks of her practical nature.

Eva Zeisel & KleinReid Tulips, 2011. All images courtesy of Room & Board.

When translating natural shapes for her wall art collection for Room & Board, Zeisel applied her boiled-down approach, simplifying tulips, swans and trees into vivid Rorschach-like prints. You can (and I do) see anything you want in these silkscreen prints, which are sensuous and sinuous while remaining clean-lined.


The limited edition prints launched October 2 in stores and online. I’d act fast—a previous Room & Board collaboration with Eva Zeisel sold out within weeks, and you won’t find the exclusive prints anywhere else. The collection features 10 different silkscreens, each hand-screened onto cotton archival paper, then numbered and signed; $299-$499. 

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