Design Daily: Benjamin Moore’s Colorful Chalkboard Paint


Maybe some people are over chalkboard paint, but I’m not one of them. I’ve wanted it somewhere in my home ever since the day I spotted it covering the side of a neighbor’s ugly old fridge. He was a musician posessing a far more interesting (and unpredictable) social life than I, and instead of a yellowing pebbled surface, the black painted side of the fridge became a spot for jotting down cocktail recipes, played drunken hangman or working out song lyrics. While the matte black surface wasn’t stunning, it was social and functional.

benjamin moore tintable chalkboard paint

So, to sum it up, chalkboard paint was attractive not because of what it looked like, but how it performed—until now. Benjamin Moore just launched a line of chalkboard paint that can be tinted to any hue in the company’s 3,300-shade spectrum. Forget about black or green. My next painting project will be an entire kitchen wall, a central gathering spot where choice suggestions and turns of phrase will be sure to confuse me the morning following a gin-soaked evening with friends. 

Still, the idea of a chalkboard can feel a bit gimmicky, which is why I love the huge new range of colors—the chalkboard aspect doesn’t have to be obvious. The latex paint dries to an eggshell finish, making it barely discernible from a matte wall paint.  I honestly can’t stop thinking of the ways I’d use this: as signs for parties, inside the pantry door for lists or in a workshop for drafting new projects. Benjamin Moore will also color-match, which is amazing for blending a new chalkboard feature wall into an existing space. 

benjamin moore tintable chalkboard paint

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