Quatre Femmes Photographes Photo Exhibit Opens at Mumm Napa


These compelling images by four women photographers will be on display at a new exhibit titled, Quatre Femmes Photographes, opening October 20 at the Fine Art Photography Gallery at Mumm Napa winery in Rutherford. The exhibit runs through March 3, 2013.

These photographers present four exquisite visions of the world.  All friends, all professionals, each unique and well-known, these four women photographers often shoot together, critique and inspire each other’s work. The results are striking works by artists who each have a very different visual language. What they have in common is the power of the experience they offer the viewer.

Bank Swallow, Sharon Beals

Thea Schrack’s photographs of wild places are pure sensation: rivers bordered by trees, moving water, lush shrubbery, reflections and shadows, all are enhanced with the magic of encaustic wax, adding a surface texture and mood that is at once calming and primal. Sharon Beals’ portraits of nests built by birds around the world remind us of what astounding works of art are to be found in nature. Brigitte Carnochan makes silver gelatin prints of fruits and flowers that are carefully hand-painted, lifting the images to new and even more mysterious and elegant levels. Susan Friedman’s series horse photographs are a testament to her philosophy that an artist must do everything possible to give voice to what moves her.

Silver Gelitan Print by

Brigitte Carnochan

An opening night sparkling wine reception will be held for the artists Saturday, October 20, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and is open to the public. There is no charge to view the ‘Quatre Femmes Photographes’ exhibit. Mumm Napa is located at 8445 Silverado Trail, Rutherford, CA 94573. Please RSVP to 707-967-7740.

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