Design Daily: Moop Modular Chicken Coop From nottoscale


It’s a tale as old as time: A woman has exhausted her options in search of a modern, prefabricated chicken coop, so her husband invents one for her. Well, maybe only in San Francisco, where architect Peter Strzebniok of nottoscale is developing a modular coop, or Moop, for the design-minded urban chicken.


“It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my wife,” Strzebniok says of his design, which starts with a small, 2×2-foot coop and a single run that measures 4×2 feet. The beauty of the kit lies in its flexibility—a second run can be added, and they can be installed either parallel or perpendicular to the coop, depending on the number of chickens and size of your yard.

moop modular chicken coop

In what is easily the most adorable prefabricated housing project of his career, Strzebniok scaled his architectural skills down to the chicken world. “We wanted to set it up for manufacturing that would make it shippable and affordable,” he says, and it looks like he’s accomplishing his goal. With a price point hovering around $600 and plans to make both flat-pack and assembled kits available, Strzebniok says his project is coming together nicely. He’s working with a Bay Area ceramicist to create a line of watering and feeding components, and has reached out to local graphic designers and manufacturers to complete his packaging and prototype. 

moop modular chicken coop

Check back for an update on our new favorite chicken coop (we’re so over the $100K Neiman Marcus version). And while Strzebniok missed his first chance to present his wife with a prefabulous henhouse, the chicken-obsessed will be heartened to know that the Moop will be ready for special order by this Christmas. 

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