Design Daily: Clump-o-Lump Swappable Stuffed Animals


Fun-loving design group Knock Knock in Venice brings the clever to kids toys with its new Clump-o-Lumps—a line of stuffed animals with swappable body parts. With a quick unzip, the three-part snugglies can get mixed and matched to create bizarre new creatures.


Founder Jen Bilik collaborated with industrial designer Max Knecht to create the whimsical creates, which can be purchased through the Knock Knock website or in stores at Urban Outfitters and Z Gallerie. The Clump-o-Lumps, $25 each, are available in six designs: tiger, frog, shark, bee, squid and bird. They’re big, bright and get kinda creepy once they start coming apart—with gnarly teeth, red carapace innards and lolling tongues—and going back together into Frankenstein-like chains of body parts. But isn’t that the charm? Kids love taking things apart and putting them back together (often incorrectly), so at least with these, you’ll save the lives of a few poor insects.

clump-o-lumps stuffed animals from knock knock

Unzip and check out the grody insides, complete with red guts and a spinal column.

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