Design Daily: The Runway Collection from Fireclay Tile


San Jose-based Fireclay Tile teamed up with interior and product designer Kelly LaPlante to launch its first designer tile collection on October 18. True to form for the eco-friendly company, the  collection features four tiles made from either recycled materials or handcrafted clay, with natural ceramic glaze colors.

The Runway Collection definitely brings fashion to the fore in terms of styling and pattern. LaPlante integrated iconic designs (such as houndstooth, interlaid chains, and corset-like chevrons) into the shaping of the tile collection. My favorite pattern is Chaine Femme (top), a pattern of interlocking C’s that was inspired by the ubiquitous chain logos that appear on the watches, belts and bags of the well-heeled. The tiles are also available in the full range of colors offered by Fireclay (224, to be exact), so I would have a great time mixing cool grays for a ladylike, sophisticated bathroom, or dark neutrals and vibrant neons for an eye-popping kitchen backsplash.

As a design editor, I’m ashamed to say I’ve neglected tile as an option for easy ways to imbue personality into a space. Clearly, I’ve been remiss, and the dynamic shapes and color options of this bespoke collection have me mentally building rooms around the samples I’ve seen. I love the geometric houndstooth Cravate tile (above), and our editorial team spent more than few minutes admiring the clever interlocking angles.

Fans of sustainable materials can order the Runway Collection in the Debris series, which creates tile from recyled granite dust, glass, porcelain and Fireclay’s own manufacturing plant. For a more traditional, European style of tile, the Vitrail series is a handcrafted clay tile. Want another bonus? Enter Fireclay’s Project Runway Backsplash contest to win a kitchen backsplash made from the new collection. 

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