4 Multi-Million Dollar Restaurant Projects on the Horizon


A few years ago, the number of restaurant closings continued to eclipse the amount of openings. Tableclothed, high ticket items like Jack Falstaff, Two and Zinnia bowed out, one after another. Those who deigned to enter the scene did so with newfangled ideas for a less-than-optimistic climate: Things like “comfort food,” “pop-ups,” and burger menus. Now, the tides appear to be shifting again as big budget, bravado-filled restaurants have started throwing their weight around. Here are four multi-million dollar restaurants on the horizon, proving the economy might just be on the mend.

Hakkasan1 Kearny, Financial District

A 10,000-square-foot, $7 million restaurant from a high-end chain originating in London, Hakkasan has brought on local man Richard Toshio Miyashiro, of St. Helena’s dearly departed Martini House, to steer the San Francisco Hakkasan in the right direction. The outpost will mimic the same elaborate Gilles & Bossier design as the other restaurants in New York, Miami, Vegas, Dubai and London with Chinese “cage” screens, Calcutta marble, colored mirrors, imported Shanghai silks, and personal sinks in each bathroom. Fresh off one Michelin star in London and in New York, chef Ho Chee Boon is going for two Michelin stars here.

ETA: December 3


Martin Yan's My China rendering

M.Y. China rendering, courtesy of BCV Architects

M.Y. China845 Market Street, Union Square

TV personality Martin Yan has joined up with the owners of Koi Palace, Willy and Ronny Ng, to create a “multi-million dollar” ode to 16 regional styles of Chinese cuisine. Bauldof, Catton Von Eckartsberg will mimic the grandeur of its placement under the dome at the Westfield with a white stone facade, steel accents, glass walls and wood block counters. Six live fire woks will fire away in the kitchen while a Disney-esque mosaic of small TV screens roll former Martin Yan cooking shows. Of course, there are artifacts everywhere, like a 1800-pound Chinese monastery bell hanging over the bar, 18 cloisonne monk statues and antique snuff bottles bartered from an antique dealer in China. 

ETA: “Early December.”

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