Design Daily: Tumbleweed Plant Trellis From h20 architects


Inspired by the rolling bushes of the desert, architect Jean-Jacques Hubert of h2o architects created Tumbleweed, a modular system of 3-dimensional forms meant to support young plants as they climb.    

The folding tetrahedrons aren’t just smart design that offer unlimited opportunities to expand: They actually work with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. And forget about arabesque-shaped plant trellises in midcentury spaces—they look so out of place and awkward. As a climbing structure that could stand alone as a sculpture, Tumbleweed is that rare combination of art and function that would actually improve a well-designed space.

Hubert’s intention for this design was to bring greenery back into indoor spaces, and allow them to reclaim walls and ceilings instead of simply resting on the floor. Tumbleweed can install on any surface, but the most interesting arrangement suspends it from the ceiling like a chandelier. Imagine a floating garden of fragrant jasmine or wisteria in a light-filled entryway. 

Each element is made from thick cardboard paper and arrives packed flat. Once unfolded into its final shape, the forms are closed and assembled into groups using eyelets. Kits of five are available from French design firm Compagnie in brown or white. 

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