Design Daily: Afterglow Lighting by Ceccotti


Composed simultaneously of organic, earthy metals and a minimalist structural design, the Afterglow lighting collection from Ceccotti has an entirely sculptural appeal. 



I love the burnished brass shapes becuase they’re almost ET-like, with broad metallic bodies and warmly glowing tempered glass faces. They look amazing clusted in groups and suspended at various angles, with wires so thin they appear as though you’ve caught them in a photo frame at mid-collapse. 



If you like the style of the Afterglow lights, you’ll be happy with the versatility of the collection—the pod lights come in three styles, from flat-faced lights just rimmed with brass, to porthole-like pods with sculpted, narrow aperatures.  floor lamp with tubular stand, suspended pendant lights, and ceiling lamps.



Ceccotti Afterglow lighting is new to the Thema showroom in West Hollywood’s Pacific Design Center. 

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