Design Daily: Living Table by Habitat Horticulture


Imagine a landscape of lush greenery nestled just below your laptop.  The Living Tables by San Francisco design firm Habitat Horticulture bring new meaning to the term farm-to-table, integrating growing succulents into the offices of Google and other Bay Area corporate giants.

Founder and principal designer David Brenner created the customizable furniture from sturdy materials, such as tempered glass (that can withstand up to 180 pounds of pressure per square foot) and a water-sealed base. He’s no stranger to designing with greenery, having already created living walls for the Metreon Center and McKesson’s corporate headquarters. A quick flash of green in the office or home, Brenner says, “delivers the restorative value of nature.”

The best feature is the easy caretaking. Watering the tables once per month in summer (and less frequently in winter) is all the maintenance required. I also dig the customizable options: Projects can be specified in walnut, maple or oak woods, with a range of colors and two plant palettes to suit your space. The Living Tables are priced from $950-$1,200 each. 

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