Ask a Pro: 4 Ways to Protect Your Home From Storms


The rain is here!  If you are lucky enough to not have any leaks in your home then take advantage of the calm before the next storm.

A break in the weather is the perfect time to do your winter prep and be ready for the rain to come.  There are four things we all need to do to help us weather the storms and protect our homes:

1)  Clean all gutters and down spouts.

2)  Clean debris off roofs and make sure drains are clear.

3)  Make sure windows and doors close and function properly.

4)  Clean window weep holes.

One thing is certain – at some point in time, every structure will leak. If you have discovered that there is a leak in your home, don’t put off that repair.  Leaks only get worse and when left unresolved, can cause extensive damage. 

It’s important to know that water infiltration is not always identified by buckets of rain pouring through your roof. Keep an eye out for the subtle signs that indicate water damage, they are equally as invasive and also need immediate attention. 

-Discolored, peeling or bubbling paint

-Buckling floors

-Rusty nail heads or rusty streaks

-Efflorescence, a white crystalline or powdery residue on walls

-Cracks in concrete or stucco 

-Separating or crumbling bricks 

-Visible mold or a musty odor

Teevan No one wants their house damaged. Part of keeping your home in top shape is making sure the job is done right from the start.  Working with experts like Teevan will ensure that you get an honest assessment from trusted advisors and quality work that will protect your most valuable asset for years to come. Here’s to a happy home staying warm, safe and dry!

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