Design Daily: Timber & Ore Barstool by WoodSmithe


I always love a little geometry lesson, and while not everyone loves to see the bones behind good design, I’m digging the open-frame hexagonal shape of the Timber & Ore barstool from Los Angeles brand-building firm WoodSmithe



Made from tie wire, canvas, and plywood, pallet or salvaged wood, the stools possess a spare architectural quality. The open-air construction lets them occupy very little visual space, but the shapely frame feels fresh and modish in pop-art pastels.




The barstools were originally created for Wurstküche, the sausage-slinging beer garden in LA and Venice that was opened by restaurateur and industrial designer Joseph Pitruzzelli. Pitruzzelli designed the stools, and WoodSmithe, knowing a good thing when they saw it, picked up the design (in collaboration with Pitruzzelli) for production and sale through its LA-based firm.




I recently spotted the green and white versions during a December sale on, where they were available in mint green and white, but I really love the moody black finish of the original restaurant design. 

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