Design Daily: Workroom C’s Rookie-Friendly Designer Textiles


With new textile line Workroom C, Bay Area interior designer Carolyn Rebuffel Flannery created a custom design experience for the unitiated (or those who want a speedy consultation). Her user-friendly website makes it easy to pick and choose among five patterns, 28 colors, and a range of options for building bespoke pillow, drapery and fabric orders in the line’s cotton-linen textiles. 

The look is traditional, which is no surprise considering Flannery’s grounding in the classics (she was a dealer in European antiques for ten years before moving into interior design). The palette ranges from coral to coal-black, and the narrowed pattern selection makes for easy mixing and matching. The choices are hardly limited, however—options for pillows include a variety of finished edges, including flanged and welted, that aren’t offered in big-box furniture stores. 

The whole package is limited enough to keep you from going off the deep end and becoming incapable of settling on your final choice, but there are a few more tricks available for clients wanting a bit more customization. The website allows you to upload pictures of rooms that need help, and clients can request custom color combinations using Pantone, Benjamin Moore or RGB colors. 




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