Design Daily: Flower by Andrew Zuckerman at the LA Art Book Fair


It happens on every sidewalk, in every corner of San Francisco: Your leisurely stroll suddenly takes you through a dense plume of skunky aroma. New York-based photographer Andrew Zuckerman captured what is possibly the Bay Area’s most infamous export, cannabis (above) for his 2012 book, Flower, $75 from our sister company, Chronicle Books. Snag a limited-edition run of the print this weekend at the Exhibition A booth at Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair, where you can pick up the unframed version from $200. 

I’m a huge fan of Zuckerman’s photography. My Christmas present to myself was Bird, a collection of his incredible avian images. but I love this cannabis print, which was shot at Oakland’s Oaksterdam University (the pot-growing school was raided by the feds a few weeks after Zuckerman made this image). Nestled among the pages or roses, orchids, Heliconia and other petal-ed varieties, the cannabis is just another intricate beauty captured by this talented photographer.



If you can’t make it to Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair, remaining prints of Cannabis saliva sp. Indica cultivar will be available for sale on the Exhibition A website in February. 

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