Design Daily: Torch and Bang Series Lighting by Stickbulb


Spare the rod, indeed. There’s nothing to this starkly beautiful lighting design from Stickbulb by Rux save wooden rods inlaid with glowing LEDs. After debuting at the 2012 ICFF in New York, Stickbulb launched its line to the public on January 24 with two primary designs, the Bang and Torch series. 


The lights are designed and manufactured in New York from sustainable materials—think sun-bleached ipe wood from the Coney Island boardwalk or southern yellow pine from demolished buildings. I love the range of configurations, from the slim Torches, which range from two- to nine-feet in length and can be adjusted to a variety of angles, to the self-supporting Bang series (with adorable names like Little Bang and Big Bang).


I don’t usually lust after LEDs, but the warm glow of the Stickbulb series, from RUX designers Russell Greenberg and Christopher Beardsley, has changed my mind. Email to get one, from $285. 


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