5 Exhibitions of Local and European Artists Opening in SF


This week’s art openings within the gallery circuit and the San Francisco Arts Commission showcase local and international artists alike, in places prompting conversation between them.

Composed and Performed, at Ever Gold Gallery

Sadie Barnette’s practice is tough to summarize. While formally minimal and often described as “deadpan,” the works lyrically navigate a large and multifarious thematic terrain ranging from the nature of extra-legal (black market) economies, to questions of family and lived identity experience, to “the party.” In this exhibition at Ever Gold Gallery, Barnette presents sculpture, installation and photography that address these themes through a language of West Coast vernacular, economic formalism, text and abstraction.

Composed and Performed runs from February 16 through March 15 at Ever Gold Gallery, 441 O’Farrell Street

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 16 from 6 – 10 pm 


Jason Hanasik, film still from new installation, “We always thought the walls would protect us, but suddenly realized they were as weak as our frames.”

Conversation 6 and Engulfing the Elusory, at SFAC Galleries

The San Francisco Arts Commission presents two new exhibitions, the larger of which will be the last to occupy its current Veterans Building location before the space closes for a two-year renovation. Appropriately enough, both of them foreground loss in poetic, immersive multimedia installations. 

As part of SFAC’s ongoing Conversations series, which features the work of a prominent local artist alongside complementary work by an artist elsewhere on the globe, Jason Hanasik situates the viewer in a video and sculpture-based simulation of his family’s home, which was lost to foreclosure in 2010. Opposite Hanasik, Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde, who has come to fame for his exhibitions of actual clouds suspended in gallery space, will present a photographic image of one of his previous works but at massive scale, effectively transforming it from documentation into an installation itself. 

Meanwhile, at SFAC’s window site, viewable from Grove Street, Rachel Mica Weiss presentsEngulfing the Elusory, in which the artist responds to her experience enduring Hurricane Sandy with an installation of objects evocative of coastal environments in peril.

Conversation 6 runs from February 15 through April 27 at SFAC Main Gallery, 401 Van Ness, Veterans Building

Engulfing the Elusory runs from February 15 through April 27 at SFAC Galleries, Window Site, 155 Grove Street

Opening Reception for both exhibitions: Friday, February 15 from 6 – 8 pm 

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