Design DIY: Bud Vase Garland


Big thanks to Randi from Swoon for letting us share her project! 



3 or more small bud vases or other petite jars with a lip 

Roll of 18-gauge wire

Roll of 26-gauge wire

Flowers of your choice


Needle nose pliers 

Step One: Make a loop for hanging.

Unroll the 18-gauge wire, fold it down two inches from the top and twist onto itself using your pliers (don’t cut the wire off the roll).

Step Two: Attach your vases.

Unroll a foot of the 18-gauge wire that you just made a loop on (still don’t cut anything!) and attach your first vase by wrapping the wire around the top two times. Unroll about 4 inches more wire and connect the second vase in the same fashion – keep going until all your vases are connected. Roll out another foot of wire (or equal to the other side of your garland), add 2 inches and cut off using the wire cutting tool on your pliers. Repeat Step One and make another loop for hanging.

Step Three: Secure vases to garland.

Cut a small piece of 26-gauge wire for each hanging jar (1-2 inches). Hold it perpendicular to your garland and slip between a vase and the larger wire wrapped around it. Twist tightly with your pliers a few times and trim if needed. Repeat for all vases.

Fill with a small amount of water and a few of your favorite spring buds and hang for a fresh, beautiful, reusable garland! 

For more details, check out the full tutorial. 

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