Design Daily: Floral Delivery from The Bouqs


Now that Valentine’s Day has passed (and with it the glut of clichéd red-rose-and-baby’s-breath bouquets), allow me to introduce The Bouqs, an online floral delivery service that launched in November and that ships stems to your doorstep directly from its farms on South American volcanic slopes.

The Venice-based service works with growers on eco-friendly farms in Ecuador (bonus for our California consciences: childcare, healthcare and adult education are built-in services on the farms), where they grow lilies, roses, hydrangeas and other bonny blooms on a cut-to-order basis for mail delivery. The pricing, like the site, it super-straightforward—each bouquet is $40 including shipping, and will arrive four days after the stems are cut.

I like that the blooms come in a box, so there’s no worrying about someone being home if you send them as a gift. But the site’s best feature is the NeverForget calendar: Input important birthdays or anniversaries, and the site emails you in time to confirm a delivery for the occasion. Similar to other floral subscription services, you also can sign up to set regular deliveries for your home or office.

I like the classic, unfussy style of the bouquet options. They tend to highlight a single variety of flower, such as a spray of pale roses, but the selections that feature multiple varieties, such as the Dude-quet with white calla lilies and green Ruscus accents, above, are still very simple. And the classic red-rose bouquet gets an update, with fragrant Phlox accents. One caveat—keep a couple jam jars handy, since the boxed flowers don’t come with a vase. 


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