Ray Eames: A Century of Modern Design


Celebrating the centennial of legendary designer Ray Eames, this all-new exhibition at the Califonia Museum is the first to explore the early life and work of the Sacramento native who broke barriers during an era of limited opportunities for women in the arts. 

Created in partnership with Eames Office, the exhibit features new information on Ray’s early life in Sacramento and work produced prior to meeting Charles in 1941. In addition, the exhibit also chronicles well-known Eames Office projects produced by Ray and Charles from 1941-1988, providing new insight on Ray’s ground-breaking role as the equal partner of Charles.

Although the work of Eames Office is well known for innovations in modern architecture, furniture, films, toys, photography, textiles, exhibition design and more, Ray Eames often remains often overlooked or mistaken for the brother of her husband and business partner, Charles.

To Hofmann With Love From Buddha,” ca. 1941. © 2013 Eames Office, LLC

Including over 100 original works and rarely-seen artifacts from Eames Office and the Eames family’s collections, the exhibit provides a new perspective on Ray’s 60-year career in the arts, along with her significance in history as one of the 20th century’s most influential – yet largely unknown – artists, whose influence continues to shape design today. 

For more information, please visit http://www.CaliforniaMuseum.org

Childhood Paper Dolls, ca. 1920s. © 2013 Eames Office, LLC

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