Design DIY: Mongolian Lamb Stool


We’ve spotted Mongolian lamb stools all over the place recently. Their incredible texture is so appealing, as is the funky-glam styling. Here’s how to make your own for a fraction of what the designer versions cost. Big thanks to Nadia from Preciously Me for letting us share her project! 

Our Inspiration:


Images via Decorista Daydreams, Frog Hill DesignsPeep my Style


Short stool (Ikea makes an inexpensive version in great colors)

Mongolian lamb pillow cover or piece of material 2x the size of your stool’s seat (Amazon has an inexpensive option)

Plywood board (about the size of the top of your stool)

1/2-inch thick foam piece (about the size of the top of your stool)



Strong glue

Staple gun

Jig Saw



Step 1, 2:

Unscrew the top of your stool, removing the seat from the legs.

Step 3, 4:

Using the seat as a template, mark a circle on your plywood and foam. Cut the board using a jig saw and the foam with scissors. 

Step 5, 6: 

Glue the foam to the plywood using your glue, and then cover the entire piece with a layer of flannel, attaching it on the bottom with staples. 

Step 7, 8: 

If working with a cushion cover, remove one side of the cushion so you have a flat piece of material. Cover the whole stool seat, turn it over, and staple the Mongolian fur to the seat. Then screw the new seat back onto the legs of the stool. 

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