Lounge 22 Opens New Flagship Showroom


Lounge 22 the first company to offer high-end modern furniture for large-scale events and exhibitions, opened its brand new flagship showroom a few weeks ago.

Studio Two 11 is at the heart of the L.A.’s new upscale retail district. The expansive 18,000 square foot showroom showcases the Armen Sevada Collection, a line of signature pieces designed by Lounge 22 Founder and Design Director, Armen Gharabegian.

With an aesthetic that can only be described as next century modern, Gharabegian strives to achieve harmony between form and function in a timeless way that is both rational and refined.

The Armen Sevada Collection features four iconic chairs that exemplify Sevada’s approach to timeless design, including the Concorde, the Hyde, the Osaka, and the Solo.

“I try to design objects that are complete, in and of themselves, so that the whole of the parts has a rational relationship with their environment,” said Gharabegian. “It’s a balanced formula that simply works. Our clients tend to collect, cherish, and most importantly, keep their pieces forever.”

Additionally, Studio Two 11 will showcase the Lounge 22 Collection, a curated selection of Lounge 22’s most popular pieces for the home and office. Studio Two 11 and co-hosts California Home + Design, held an opening celebration on Monday, February 11 (see photos here!).

This is the first time that the Lounge 22 and Armen Sevada collections will be available for purchase directly by consumers and for licensing by retailers. All Lounge 22 furniture is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles and Lounge 22 expects to open more retail showrooms in the US and internationally in 2013.

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