Design DIY: Color-Block Silverware


Color blocking is all-the-rage in clothing this season, so why not incorporate it into home decor? Big thanks to Christy from Creatively Christy for letting us share her project!

Our Inspiration:

Images via The Kitchn, Ladies & Gentlemen, The Joinery


Any type of flatware (mismatched vintage pieces are inexpensive and look great)

Metal primer spray paint

Spray paint


Painter’s tape

Sandwich baggie

Step 1
Wrap a piece of painter’s tape around the neck of your utensil, making sure to create a straight line. Then take your baggie and wrap it around the head of the utensil, securing it with more tape.

Step 2
Hold your utensil by the head and spray it lightly with the metal primer in a well ventilated area. Make sure this is a LIGHT coat – otherwise it will drip and fill in all the great carvings.

Step 3
Repeat step two with spray paint color of your choice! Air dry fully before removing the tape and plastic.

NOTE: Painted utensils are for display only, they’re NOT food safe! Feel free to experiment with sealing them with a coat of polyurethane for regular use. 

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