Design DIY: Marquee Lights


Huge thanks to Oh, Hello Friend for letting us share their project! 



Images via Sally Jeana lovely escape


12″ Cardboard letters 

Metal spray paint like Rust-oleum Hammered in Dark Bronze

Bulb string lights



Xacto knife/blade

Step 1

With your blade, cut along the outside edge of the letters leaving a small border, using a ruler to ensure a straight line. You might need to clean up the edged after cutting to be sure there are no little paper pieces left behind.

Step 2

Flip the letters over and mark where your lights will go. Drill holes for the bulbs.

Step 3

Spray all your letters! Don’t worry about painting the back.

Step 4

Place the string light bulbs through your drilled holes and attach the string onto the back, securing the bulbs to the letters.


See more details and the original post at Oh, Hello Friend.

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