Design Daily: Skateboard-Inspired Tiles


Stickers and scratches and neon, oh my. The new skateboard-inspired wall tiles from Imagine Tile and San Clemente company Art of Board pay homage to the creative art of skateboard decks. The collaboration resulted in 24 designs, in a variety of colors and patterns that preserve the nicked, gouged, worn and graphic images associated with the street sport. The 3-by-6-inch tiles are VOC-free and made from recylcled materials, but the most attractive feature is their resistance to chemicals and UV lighting. Hello, poolside planning. 

Check out tiles as an eye-popping backsplash. While the random pattern of multiple tiles is dynamic, I’d also love to see a single repeating tile used for an entire area, creating an abstract accent wall that boasts some skater-style cred. Can you imagine an entire swath of the black-and-white “Skateboards” tile, at right in the grouping below, as a backdrop for graffiti art or a photo-realist painting? 

If you’re a fan, find them online at Imagine Tile’s Etsy shop. For uber-fans, wait a little longer for the second release—floor tiles this spring—from this collaboration. 

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