Design DIY: Leather Tassel Keychain


Although we usually show you DIYs for your home, we couldn’t resist this super simple keychain project. Hey, accessorizing your house keys is just as important as what’s inside right? Especially when done in totally on-trend metallic leather. Big thanks to Lovely Indeed for allowing us to share her project! 



Super glue

Key Ring






Rubber band 

Step 1

Cut a strip of leather to measure 3″ by 1/4″. Fold it in half around the keyring and use your super glue to adhere the end of the strips together. Clip until dry. 

Step Two

Cut a second strip of leather to measure 10″ by 3 1/2″. Measure 3/4″ from the top of the leather going down the length of the fabric and mark with a ruler and pen on the backside. Cut  1/4″ thick fringe, stopping at your line. 

Step Three

Once the glue has dried on your leather attached to the keyring, apply more glue and place it at one end of the fringed leather piece. 

Step Four

Slowly roll the fringed leather around the keyring strip. Add a small amount of glue after every inch. 

Step Five

Once you get to the end, glue your fringed strip down on itself, and secure with a rubber band while it dries.

 Attach a key and you’re ready to go! 

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