De Young Museum Showcases Floral Design with Bouquets to Art 2013


If you take a stroll through San Francisco’s de Young Museum this week, not only will you be hit with sweet smells of roses, jasmine, and lilies, but also you’ll probably notice replicas of much of the art on display.

That’s because the museum is hosting its 29th annual Bouquets to Art floral design show. This event is a mash-up of art and blossoms that brings in more than 125 innovative floral designers to create their own interpretations of the paintings, photographs, and sculptures in the museum’s permanent collection.

Exhibitor chair Lisa Harris said there’s a huge array of floral arrangements this year – some have flowers draping down to the floor and others are compact Ichibana designs.

“We have a large group of Ichibana designers this year, they take reeds and weave them,” Harris said. “It’s a different look than someone who is doing Dutch art, which would be punctuous and with tons of flowers.” 

The blossoms and plants used in the floral arrangements range from succulents to peonies to tree bark. Past designs include a near exact replica of a black Cristóbal Balenciaga dress that was created entirely with black roses and round balls of colorful carnations to look like the gumballs in Wayne Thiebaud’s Three Machines painting.

“One year somebody did an interpretation of a little girl in a white dress, the designer took sheets of birch bark and made this intricate lace dress,” Harris said. “It was just exquisite.”

Bouquets to Art 2013 will be on display from March 19 to 23 throughout the de Young Museum’s permanent galleries. Along with the exhibit, the museum is hosting a series of events, including presentations, luncheons, and floral demonstrations.


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