5 Tips to Include Technology in Your Design


Smart phones and tablets are no longer considered a luxury; they’ve become the communication, entertainment and information hub of our daily lives. They’re our constant, indispensable companions. The same is true of home automation technology, which extends the capabilities of our smart devices to control everything in the home.

 This evolution of innovation offers designers the opportunity to blend technology into the design of modern and traditional spaces. “There’s a misconception that technology is best suited only for modern design,” said Wayne Visbeen, AIA, IIDA, President of Visbeen Architects. “The reality is technology can transform traditional designs, as well as help preserve them.”

Design meets technology

Good design is a combination of form and function, balancing aesthetics with utility. This can be extended to include home automation technology. A room’s ambiance can be transformed instantly with a single button press from a sleek touch screen. It creates the perfect setting for any activity. It can add excitement to your design, enhance aesthetic elements and accent decorative items. It also gives homeowners the power to further shape the experience of their home.

You don’t need to become a technology expert to achieve this. Interior technology should be explored as early in the process as possible with all parties involved collaborating. The ultimate goal is not only to maintain your vision, but enhance it. The added benefits include: aesthetics, convenience, energy savings, privacy, security, and the “Wow!” factor.

Five Tips

1. Incorporate technology in your design from the beginning

2. Take the lead

3. Work with technology solutions that are scalable and flexible

4. Clean up wall and table clutter

5. Don’t forget the shades

Here are some next steps you can take to design smarter now:

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