Design DIY: Fish Scale Art


Although this isn’t the fastest project we’ve ever shown, you could cut down on labor by making a mini version – it would looks just as chic on a smaller scale! And if you don’t have a circle cutter you could trace and cut the circles by hand (although it would take longer). Big thanks to two thirty-five designs for letting us share her project! 


Poster board

Gold spray paint

MDF board

Decorative wood trim


Circle Cutter

Staple gun 



Step One

Determine how many circles you will need to cover your MDF board. The board in this example required 687 circles, but the exact number will vary by size of your board and size of your circles. Once you know how many you need, cut out your circles. 

Step Two

Mark your MDF board with parallel lines to act as your template, and begin to staple your circles in rows. Make sure to overlap and offset each row creating a “scale” effect.  

Step Three

Trim the sides and staple your wood trim to the board. 

Step Four

Cover the entire piece with gold spray paint. Let dry, and enjoy! 


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