Bly Takes Flight with Products From Around the Globe


Bly, a new lifestyle, design and travel website embraces the idea of taking a journey to shop bazaars and flea markets around the world. Founder Rena Thiagarajan started Bly with “the aim of combining my two passions—travel and design.” We have to say; she has done that very thing.

Bly is named for Nellie Bly, a globetrotting journalist who traveled around the world in 1889 in what was then a record of 72 days. The site is built around the philosophy that “to really understand a city you must wander the streets.” That’s why Bly goes beyond purchasing items to bring into the store – they bring a street photographer with them on the journey to capture the store of the streets to show first hand where the items come from. It brings both history and a story behind each piece that is sold on Bly.

The site offers its shoppers a curated collection of items that are handcrafted and one-of-a-kind objects – starting with beautiful items from Mumbai. Bly will visit a new city every two months, traveling to Mumbai (India), La Paz (Bolivia), Kumasi (Ghana), Bukhara (Uzbekistan), Malaca (Malaysia) and Berlin (Germany) in the first year. All of which California Home + Design is excited about – each collection has amazing items you can’t find on any other site.

Now head over to check out Bly for yourself. You’re bound to find a plethora of beautiful things to bring into your home!

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