Designer Crush Q&A: Krista Schrock + David John Dick of DISC Interiors


DISC Interiors believes homes should be, “filled with personality, warmth, and simply feel good.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves and were thrilled to hear Krista and David’s answers to our Designer Crush Q&A!

1. Where do you currently live in CA and what’s your favorite thing about how you’ve designed your personal space?

We both live in Los Angeles. We work out my loft in the Arts District in downtown. The entire ceiling of the loft is original Douglas Fir beams, creating this warmth and openness to the room. It’s an incredible space to design and relax in after work.

2. What’s your dream design project? Who would it be for (dead or alive)?

Our dream project would be to design a boutique hotel in Northern California, or the countryside in Japan, where we could invite our friends when it was completed. We both love traveling to new areas, and exploring the craft and design tradition of that area. We’d love to create a hotel where people travel to rest, relax, eat, and be surrounded in beauty. We are drawn to materials that feel good to touch and to look at, and also have a sense of history or story behind them.

3. In real life, what’s your favorite project you’ve completed to date?

David: We loved working on the project in Sonoma we completed last year. The clients really allowed us free reign to design. They are co-owners in a winery in the Russian River area, a region that is incredibly beautiful. We are designing a tasting room for their wines that will hopefully be completed this Fall. It’s incredible to work with a client on multiple projects, and to have the trust already built-in to the project.

Krista : Truly we’ve been lucky to work with all of our clients, every job so completely different and challenging. We recently worked on 3 different kids’ rooms, and all of them make me smile. The energy of collaborating with kids is really incredible.

4. You’ve been gifted a fabulously furnished dream home but can only bring one item from your current space. What would it be?

Krista: I would need to bring two – my dogs Jack & Sunny.

David: My collection of art/design books, and I’m good to go.

5. What’s your creative process when designing a space? 

After an initial meeting with a client, we always start out by pinning loads of images to reference with them to get a feel for what the space should end up feeling like. These initial idea sessions with clients is what forms the basis of our design, and we continually refer back to them throughout the process. Some images are abstract, (fashion details, photography, paintings) and some are of specific rooms that resonate with us.

Eventually we move into material selection, getting a tactile sense to guide the design which is when the designs really begins to come together. A certain material can really ground and lead the entire design. Often times, we will simply fall in love with a material, not even having a clue as to where it will go, but we are determined to use it somehow!

6. Where do you score your favorite interior design items? Any shopping tips? 

Krista: I don’t entirely love shopping flea markets, but I feel that it is usually where I find the best unique accessories. Shopping tips: Go Early!

David: Build relationships with gallery owners, furniture designers, and favorite showrooms. They are always emailing me directly new works or products, which keeps me informed for our clients. Relationships are the key to this business. If you can successfully build them, it makes this line of work so much more enjoyable and easier.

7. Ever had an epic DIY disaster? What project would you never take on again yourself?

Krista: I am no DIY’er so I have been lucky enough not to have to travel down that road.

David: Agreed, we focus on the design, and leave the construction and detailing to the experts we work with.

8. What new design trend are you excited to integrate into your next project? 

Our DISC designed hardware. Still in production!

9. Lightning round! 

Beach or mountains?

The tops of the Mountains. 

Twitter or Facebook?

Can we say Instagram? We’re addicted. 

Architectural Digest or Wallpaper?

World of Interiors.

Should you spend money on a fabulous bathroom or kitchen? 

Krista: Ohh that is a hard one, a kitchen – then you’ll have no excuse not to cook.

David: Agreed. Kitchen, it’s the heart of the home.

Would you rather shop new or vintage?


Great view or perfect pool?


SF or LA?

LA is our home for a reason.

10. What’s one tip you wish someone had told you when first starting out in the design world? 

David: Listen to your own instincts and build your own sense of style. Be secure in what you see is beautiful.

Krista: Everything is about selling, whenever you are not selling you are still selling…Learn that skill.


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