Design Daily: Line-Drawn Accessories from EJH Brand


Los Angeles native Elana Joelle Hendler has taken her schoolgirl hobby—doodling with a black Uni-ball pen—and turned it into an entire line of graphic, eco-friendly home accessories. “When you’re in class, what do you have to write with?” Hendler asks. “A black or blue pen—that’s it.” From those early doodles, Hendler created EJH Brand, a growing collection of pillows, candles and stationery that feature her monochromatic ink drawings. 

The idea sprang from Hendler’s desire to do something for herself. While working as a wedding blogger, she realized that like many women, she was obsessing over her home. “So I thought it would be really great to create unique handcrafted products,” Hendler says. For each drawing, she sketches out the broad strokes in pencil, then “attacks it” with her pen. The line work within the main drawing is organic, Hendler says—drawn freestyle with black pen during exhausting two-hour sessions (her best-selling Owl pillow was drawn on computer paper while Hendler was hanging out at her mother’s house).

EJH Brand launched at NYIGF in August, and the signature candle collection is already the line’s biggest hit. Like the rest of the collection, they’re made in California with natural materials—think coconut wax and pure essential oils. I’m a fan of the Lemon & Fig candle, which has a slightly sweet note of coconut that floats over the crisp floral and earthy scent.   

Keep an eye out for EJH Brand’s new Sea Collection, which Hendler is developing (like all her work) by drawing inspiration from the natural world.


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