Design DIY: Faux Butcher Block Desk


A butcher block wood top elevates a flea market find from plain to funky-cool in this super simple DIY from Mandi at Vintage Revivals! Thanks so much for letting us share your project. 


Wooden desk or table 

Wood stain (4 or more colors)

Danish Oil

Spray paint (optional)

Gold Leaf (optional)


Painters tape

Sand paper 

Step One

Prep the surface of your desk or table by sanding it, then cover the entire top with a basecoat of stain (“Natural” was used in this tutorial).

Step Two

Using your tape, make randomly-spaced parallel lines to mimmic wood grain.

Step Three

Now it’s time to stain! Natural, Dark Walnut, Indigo, and Provincial Oak were used here, but get creative depending on the tones you’re looking for. 

Step Four

Once your stain has dried, remove the tape and continue to overlay stain and tape two more times to get a realistic butcher block effect. 

Step Five

Once all your stain has fully dried, coat the entire top with Danish Oil to bring out the colors and make it shine. 

Step Six (optional)

If you have drawers you’d like to paint, sand them and apply the spray paint or gold leaf. Every piece of vintage furniture is different so now’s a great time to give your piece a little personality!

For more details check out the original blog at Vintage Revivals. 


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