Design DIY: Embroidered Geometric Shower Curtain


It’s tough to toe the line between boring and little-kid-kitschy when it comes to shower curtains, but this DIY manages to do just that. Although the project takes a bit of patience and measuring, we think the end result is worth the extra effort. Big thanks to Design Love Fest for letting us share their project!  


Shower curtain (a white curtain with a waffle print was used here)

Medium gauge yarn in fun colors (Martha Stewart Cotton Hemp yarn was used)



Graph paper




Disappearing ink marker

Step One

Using graph paper and pencil, draw several rows of geometric shapes and lines, at a scale of one square to one inch. This will be the template you’ll use on your shower curtain. This tutorial used a standard 72×72 inch curtain, and made a template for a 36×72 inch design.

Step Two

Using your template and disappearing ink pen, transfer your design to the curtain. Start by marking a center base line to help you keep things straight, and don’t worry too much if you make a mistake – the ink will disappear in 48-72 hours! Just keep in mind one square on the graph equals one inch on the shower curtain, and be sure to finish step three before the ink disappears.

Step Three

Grab your yarn and needle and sew in the lines in with several colors. In this tutorial a backstitch was used to make the lines look continuous, but feel free to play around with different stitches to get your desired effect. Make sure to pull the yarn straight but keep the fabric flat so it doesn’t pucker. When you finish, iron the design and spot clean when necessary.


For the full tutorial, check out the original post at Design Love Fest.

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